Vitel Wireless Business Opportunity

Vitel Wireless
  • Founded: 2012

  • Marketing Style: Party plan

  • Compensation Plan: Multi-level

  • Commission: Up to 40%

  • Startup Cost: $99.95

Vitel Wireless was established back in 2010 and officially launched January 2012 by Scott Rogers and James Pearson. The company is built on a strong foundation with the co-founders having over 55 years of combined experience in owning and managing businesses and experience in retail, wholesale, direct sales and marketing. Vitel Wireless is categorized as a retail and wholesale business within the direct sales industry. The company is a debt-free, privately-held company located in Houston, Texas and positioned in an industry that produces more than two trillion dollars a year and growing, offering services that everybody needs and everybody can afford without having to change people’s buying habits. It makes Vitel Wireless a recession-proof business. More about the Vitel Business Opportunity here

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