Wildtree Business Opportunity

  • Founded: 1996

  • Marketing Style: Party plan

  • Compensation Plan: Multi-level

  • Commission: Up to 40%

  • Startup Cost: $49.95

Wildtree has been a household name since 1996. The company offers pre-packaged food and dessert mixes that are not only easy to prepare but are also all very healthy. Whether you are suffering from health conditions that require strict restrictions on your everyday diet or you simply want to start eating healthy without necessarily giving up on your favorite dishes, Wildtree has something for every taste and preference. Not only will you find a wide-selection of healthy food mixes from the company but you can also explore their business opportunity as a Wildtree representative. You can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 20% to 40% when you join Wildtree as a representative.

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