Direct Sales Companies for Men

A lot of people are under the impression that direct selling is strictly a woman's realm, as majority of direct sellers are women. However, this does not apply to all direct sales companies, as there are also a good number of male independent consultants even for direct selling companies that focus on selling products intended for women (i.e. cosmetics, candles, and household supplies, among others). In fact, direct selling is as good an opportunity for men as it is for women.

Many male consultants have found a successful venture in direct selling even as they continue to work full-time office jobs. Direct selling is a great way to supplement your existing income so if you are a bit strapped for cash or you just want to earn some extra income to purchase something you've always wanted, direct sales is a good venture to get into as opposed to getting a second job where hours are long and the workload is tedious. If you don't fancy the idea of selling cosmetics, candles, scrapbooking materials, or home décor, you can always opt for a direct sales company that offers products a little more to your liking and interests than what you typically see consultant selling. Keep in mind that the direct sales industry offers a variety of options and there are also a lot of companies that offer more male-friendly products.

Another common misconception among men is that direct sales companies only offer party-plan options for selling products. This is also a false impression of direct sales, as many companies give their consultants the freedom to choose marketing methods that they are comfortable with. You don't necessarily have to host or attend home parties just to be able to sell your products and you can always opt to join direct sales companies that prioritize door-to-door or one-on-one selling. With the technology available to you at one touch of a button, you can easily market your products through the Internet without even leaving your home or office. One of the many advantages of direct selling is the fact that there is very little pressure involved. You can earn some supplemental income just by selling to family, friends, colleagues, and the people you associate with everyday.

Now that you know that direct selling is a viable option to earn some extra cash and you've already gotten rid of the notion that it is strictly for women, you may want to look into the wide-range of direct sales companies that are available to you.

Top Direct Sales Opportunities for Men

Man Cave

There is perhaps nothing quite like a slab of juicy steak grilled with mouth-watering sauces out in the open. This is exactly what Man Cave has to offer the male population of the direct sales industry. So you don't think home parties involving cosmetics and scented candles are man enough for you, why not spend the afternoon with your best buddies grilling prime rib and steak at your backyard? Host your weekly “Meatings” (Man Cave's version of a direct sales home party) at your backyard and have your friends over for an afternoon of fun!

Man Cave offers grills, marinades, and all sorts of grilling tools for independent consultants to sell and promote. After all, who doesn't love a barbecue every now and then? Men love their steaks and Man Cave had it right when they decided to introduce their grilling products in a direct sales format. All you need is $100 for your starter kit and you're all set. Earn money doing something you and your friends will enjoy! If weekly barbecues are in your itinerary anyway, why not use them as a venue to earn some extra cash? Man Cave is certainly a great option for male consultants.

DeTech Firesense Technologies

DeTech Inc offers all sorts of fire safety equipment for homes, offices, and businesses. They also offer a remunerative opportunity for interested consultants to earn some extra income. DeTech Firesense Technologies is a great option for men who want to get into direct sales but do not want to join companies with party-plan setups. It is also a great opportunity to join a company with a product base that you are interested in. There are no starter kits or any startup fees required for joining, you simply have to undergo a three-day training in order to familiarize yourself with how the company operates. By joining, you also get a chance to earn a free fire alarm safety system for your home. You get to manage your own time and schedule so you don't have to deal with demanding work hours.


Conklin offers a wide-selection of products that may certainly interest the male population. From lawn care equipment, roofing systems, and sealants to automotive products and crop management supplies, the company has a lot to offer in terms of product base. You only need to pay a $25 enrollment fee plus a minimum order purchase of $50 to join. You get a chance to start your own business and purchase products for yourself at 20% up to 50% off. The best thing about Conklin is that they allow you the liberty to choose which product base you would like to focus on to make it easier for you to sell your merchandise. You also get adequate training beforehand to ensure that you can launch your business successfully.

Whether its cars, grills, roofing, or alarm systems that interests you, there is a direct sales opportunity in store for you. So don't think for one second that direct selling is only for women, as the aforementioned direct sales companies will prove you wrong. Keep in mind that direct selling is not based on gender and is open to anyone who wants to make an honest living out of selling these products.