Direct Sales Companies for Women

A good number of direct selling companies in the industry were established to provide a venue for women to achieve financial success and independence despite the everyday responsibilities that having a family entails.  Women in the direct sales industry have different reasons for joining--- some join to meet new people or to earn an income while still having enough time for their families whereas others join due to dissatisfaction with their current jobs or due to the desire to start their own businesses without the heavy demands of having to establish one out of scratch. Regardless of the reasons, a lot of women have found satisfaction and joy in being part of the direct selling industry because it gives them a venue to do something that they love doing.

There are a lot of direct sales companies that cater to women, which is why direct selling has often been associated with female direct sellers. Whether you are interested in cosmetics, kitchenware, clothing, scrapbooking, or home décor, you certainly do not have to worry about variety when it comes to your options.

What draws most women to direct selling is the opportunity to earn a sizable income while working in a pressure-free environment with very flexible working hours. A lot of people want to start their own businesses and be their own boss but are often held back by financial and time constraints. The great thing about direct selling is the fact that you get a chance to start your own venture without being constrained by the lack of funds or the lack of time, as there are very minimal startup costs and you can instantly start your venture just by purchasing a starter kit. Some women also get into direct sales because they want to get personal discounts on their purchases of particular products. Direct selling does not only allow women to earn adequate profits but it also gives them an opportunity for growth, as most direct sales companies often offer bonuses, rewards, and promotions for those who perform well. Basically, you get the benefits of starting your own business while having access to a reward system that can often only be accessed by being affiliated with a particular company.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking to participate in a venture that you can do and enjoy on your spare time or you want to earn some extra income to supplement your existing income, there are a lot of profitable opportunities in the direct sales industry that will suit your needs and preferences.

Top Direct Sales Opportunities for Women

Not sure where to start or what company to join? You need not worry, as there are hundreds of options but in the meantime, why don’t you start looking into the following companies first to give you an idea of what is available to you:


When people talk about direct selling, Avon is usually one of the first companies that come to mind. This comes as no surprise as Avon is one of the pioneers of direct selling and multi-level marketing. Avon has operations in over 140 countries and has millions of consultants worldwide. Offering top-of-the-line make-up, hair care, skin care, perfumes, and jewelry products to customers, Avon is certainly one of the biggest direct selling companies in the industry today.

Why should you choose Avon? Simple. The company has been in operation since 1886 and has already established quite a name for itself in the industry. You can earn as much as 30% profits on your personal sales alone plus you get great discounts on all your personal purchases. When David H. McConnell founded Avon over a century ago, he did so for the purpose of helping women achieve financial independence. Avon has been and is still considered by many women the perfect direct selling company to join.

Mary Kay

Many women have come to know and love Mary Kay because of their make-up line. As one of the top ten most successful direct selling companies in the direct selling industry, Mary Kay offers a very profitable venture for every woman who wants to start her own business. Offering as much as 50% commission on personal retail sales, Mary Kay has one of the highest rates in the industry. By joining Mary Kay, women get a chance to earn their own profit, have access to great discounts on makeup and jewelry, and be rewarded with their very own Mary Kay corporate car.


Tupperware parties have been popular among many women since the 1950s. The company is known to have pioneered direct selling through home parties. Popular for their brand of plastic, airtight storage containers, Tupperware has certainly become one of the leading companies in the industry. The brand has also expanded to dinnerware, cutlery, and other kitchen supplies over the years. 

Tupperware is a great company to consider for women looking for a direct sales company to join. The company offers one of the most lucrative opportunities for profit backed up with comprehensive professional training. Tupperware has been responsible for millions of successful entrepreneurs since the company was founded in the year 1946.

There are hundreds of other options for women who want to join the direct selling industry. A lot of these companies offer very competitive compensation plans so it really is just a matter of choosing which one to join. You can join any direct sales company you want to for as long as you enjoy yourself and the products that you sell. Keep in mind that one of the most important keys to your success is to believe in the products that you sell.